GOT $20 BUCKS? U GET 3 TIMES PhiL! JUNE 27,28,29 Da Weekend wit PhiLip BeLL

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Actor PhiL Bell is inviting You, Friends and all their friends to come out and  Have fun ALL WeeKend. June 27-29

Spend da Weekend wit Phil for $20 Bucks..  3 Different SHOWS. per Day!!. 3 DAyS of Pure Fun, Music,& REAL TaLk !!


Here’s whats Cookin’ !!

Got PhiL? da Weekend wit  PhiLip Bell

This is a festival of 3 days and 3 different shows starring PhiLip Bell, with host Roz Browne, live band Nem featuring Maggie Daniec (Keys), Sumit Das ( Bass), Jon Monter (Guitar) & Sivan Carmi (Drums) June 27 -29 @ 7:30 pm. 

3 Shows 3 Nites 1 Price $20 or $10 per show!! 
323 674 5024 

actor PhiLip Bell as Bardu Ali in Howlin Blues & Dirty      Dogs Now Showing

actor PhiLip Bell as Bardu Ali in Howlin Blues & Dirty Dogs Now Showing

Friday Chillin’ wit PhiL a nite of songs featuring Jazz, Calypso and R&B, with live band and special guest vocalists Erin Elizabeth Muir & Saudia Yasmein.

Saturday U PhiL Me? a night of eclectic R&B & Hip Hop featuring ORIGINAL music from PhiL’s CD available on iTunes with special guest Rap Artist, Huned P da Eagle

Sunday Tha Intimate PhiL the no bars held , life’s up & downs and faith journey with live band, music and monologue. REAL TalK !!

Spend your weekend with PhiL & see what everyone is raving about!!!

3 Shows 3 Nites 1 Price $20 or 10 per show!!! 


  RSVP NOW      323 674 5024                    







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Phil Bell having fun with the cast of The Club Alabam Ladies of Jazz in his portrayal of “Little Richard” One of the Kings of Rock & Roll “One of my most challenging roles” -Phil Bell.

Phi with the Ladies as Richard