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The TPC  Partnership Group The TPC Partnership Group

Larry James Robinson, Tu’Nook and Carla Dupree-Clark sat down and planned their partnership around a common theme, produce quality plays.  All three were already successful in their own right as life individuals, family, friends and career. Something else was missing,  The need for consistent, quality shows that didn’t spill a drop of high-integrity themes around African-American  unsung characters. So far, that has paid off in multiple NAACP Theater Awards for Best Director, Including Best costumes, Best Sound, and Best  Ensemble. The awards were garnered by Carla  Dupree Clark including nominations in  Best Playwright, and Best Director of a Musical bestowed on her masterpiece “North on  South Central”.   Ms. Clark and her partners didn’t  rest on their laurels, and quickly  banged out another hit play with “Howlin’ Blues & Dirty Dogs”  winning another Best Director of a Musical , from Beverly Hills/Hollywood  NAACP…

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We acknowledge the long and storied career of Dr. Maya Angelou,and offer the family members our sincere condolences. May she rest in eternal peace….  1928 – 2014

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On Coping with Writer’s Block

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I haven’t written for a very long time.

I joined a creative writing class a while ago to help me through my ‘writer’s block’ – can you call yourself a writer if you don’t write? – and I managed to produce a total of 500 words over the entire four-week course. A paltry amount by any standards, though the course itself was brilliant.

One of the suggestions from my fellow writers was to write about why I don’t write. I’ve been thinking a lot about the reasons I don’t write lately so this seemed as good a place to kick off my writing again as any. And also address why I call myself a writer in the first place – a hard sell in the writing void of the last few months.

In my professional life, I have been a public relations consultant, a journalist and now, an editor. Words…

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An Open Letter To D’Angelo



Nelson George and D’Angelo

Thank you for showing the good taste that you have in coming to this blog. I truly appreciate your interest in my writing. Sorry if you have come to see something that is no longer here, but indeed it had already served its purpose and then some. Please feel free to peruse and enjoy other writings and posts.

thank you,

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